Train the Trainer Institute

MWI's Train the Trainer Institute is a two-day seminar designed to prepare experienced mediators to become effective mediation trainers and role-play coaches.

Since 1994, MWI has been a leader in professional mediation training. MWI has designed and conducted over two hundred 20- to 40-hour basic and advanced mediation training programs for range of corporate, institutional, individual and non-profit clients such as Coca Cola Enterprises, Bose, General Motors, and the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. MWI's open enrollment training programs have attracted thousands of attorneys, mental health providers and other professionals from all over the U.S. and the world.


Customized programs are available for corporations, universities, governmental agencies, and ADR organizations seeking to build their capacity to design and lead dispute resolution training programs internally. Please contact Chuck Doran at 800-348-4888 x22 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss how MWI can design a program based on your organization's needs.


Program Design

  • Setting expectations and meeting participant needs.
  • Staying focused on goals and outcomes.
  • The elements of the successful training.
  • Translating mediation practice into basic concepts trainees can learn and apply.
  • Managing the training team.
  • Designing and analyzing pre-workshop diagnostic forms.
  • Marketing the mediation program: using negotiation skills you already know.


  • Delivering presentations with impact.
  • Selecting and using media.
  • How to be a facilitator, leader, coordinator (all at the same time).
  • Setting up the room.
  • Working with groups and individuals simultaneously.
  • Facilitating skill-building exercises.
  • Fostering group participation and self-reflection.
  • Coaching role-plays and providing feedback to trainees.
  • Dealing with the difficult participant.

Evaluation and Follow-up

  • Designing effective feedback and evaluation methodologies.
  • Delivering feedback to participants during and after the program.
  • Incorporating lessons learned into future programs.


MWI's Train the Trainer Institute utilizes an interactive and hands-on skill-building approach to learning. In a supportive, collegial environment, participants will be given opportunities to make group presentations and coach simulated role-play sessions. Each trainer in training will receive individual coaching and tailored feedback.


This program is geared for experienced mediators who have an interest in developing their capacity to design and deliver effective mediation training programs.


  • Mediators must have completed 40-hours of formal mediation training (or meet their state's requirement)
  • Mediators must have experience with at least 10 cases in the past two years.


Chuck Doran

Diane Levin

Arline Kardasis

Vicky Bennet

Tad Mayer

Also in attendance will be experienced role-play coaches from the mediation and dispute resolution training communities.

Please contact Chuck Doran at 800-348-4888 x22 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with questions.


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